Scorpion Legal Protection

Limitations and Exclusions

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Per annum/per case limits

There are financial limitations per claim and financial limitations for all claims paid in a year (annual limit). For more information, please call 0861 333 333 and ask to speak to a claims manager.


Exclusions refer to legal matters that we will not cover and these vary from policy to policy. It is important that you read your policy document to know which exclusions apply to your policy. For example, to keep our premiums affordable, we cannot cover those matters that started before joining Scorpion, matrimonial related matters and businesses. Our Legal advisors will however, always attempt to assist you as best they can with advice, letter writing or negotiating with third parties. To see the full list of what we do and do not cover, please click here and read our legal policy document. You can also call 0861 333 333 and ask a legal advisor about our extended services.

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